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Celebrating Your Anniversary - Ideas For A Romantic Getaway
By Robin Pavel

An anniversary is the celebration of being with the one you love for one more year. Some people count the months rather than the years, but anniversaries are usually about a certain number of years that two people have been married.

If your anniversary is coming up, it might be a great idea to think about what you can do for your loved one to make it a special time. You might want to go out for a day together. You might want a romantic weekend away or perhaps even longer, depending on your budget and how much time away you can take.

Having some time away from your day to day routine can be enough of an incentive. Marriage can't be compared to an idyllic rose garden with birds singing and sweet smelling flowers. It is about two people working hard to create a home and family together. If there are also kids involved, you have even more to do, including more laundry and cleaning, supervising homework and arranging school activities. Sometimes it seems impossible to even think about disappearing from all of that, even just for one weekend!

An anniversary getaway should be a joyful, romantic time. A trip is a great gift to receive and a nice treat for you and your spouse. If you had to cut costs on your original honeymoon because of financial restrictions, what about taking another one now? You can now splurge on the honeymoon you always wanted but did not have.

You could take a cruise or visit a city neither of you has been before. You could even take a long weekend or a week away and visit somewhere romantic and sunny. When you get home, you can regale your friends and acquaintances with stories about your second honeymoon and all the wonderful things you saw and did.

Another good idea is to renew your wedding vows during your romantic anniversary getaway. You can discuss this with your spouse or even keep it a secret until the last moment! Plenty of inns and resorts offer getaway packages which include the use of their chapel and a wedding cake and other perks. Some might even include a horse-drawn carriage in the wedding vow renewal package. This would definitely make your anniversary getaway even more special.

Maybe it would be romantic for your partner and yourself to return to the place where you had your first date or where you first met. You can reminisce about the early days and what you thought of each other back then.

You should pick a romantic getaway that matches your budget and something you think you would both enjoy. The main thing is spending time together in a relaxed and romantic atmosphere and most hotels can help to make this a reality.

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