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How To Celebrate Everyday
By Greg J Williams

Everyone needs a little happy in their lives. A little something each and every day to remind yourself that you are special and worthy and that life is good.

There's so many ways that you can do this, that it would be nearly impossible to mention them all. However, here's a few of my favorites.

Light A Candle

That's all, just light a candle. Light one when you come in after work, the pleasant aroma will help you relax and give the room a special light. Having candles on the table at dinner time automatically makes the mood more celebratory - it's peaceful, it's relaxing, and if you have kids, it makes them excited to get to blow them out! Excited kids can make anyone smile, and that's worth celebrating.

Have Dessert

You don't have to go crazy, here. No one needs to be eating birthday cake or an ice cream sundae every night of the week, but ending your day with something sweet is such a great way to make it a special ending. Keep some of your favorite chocolates in the cupboard and have a couple - and if chocolate or sweets aren't your thing, go for some fruit. Enjoy the taste, texture, color and smell. Really let your senses take over and you're *poof* in the middle of a celebration!

Turn On the Lights

String some twinkle lights outside and enjoy them after dark. It doesn't have to be Christmas, just a strand or two of white lights are understated enough yet lend a festive air to the back patio or deck. Sitting out under some tiny lights can lend an atmosphere of magic to your surroundings, and suddenly it's a party!

Turn Them Off, Instead!

Turn out the lights, for another kind of atmosphere. Light up your outdoor fireplace, grab a glass of wine (or bag of marshmallows depending on your company) and enjoy the beauty of the flames. Share stories of your life (or scary ones for the kids) and celebrate who you are. Invite those around you to do the same and you will find yourself automatically celebrating them!

Play Some Music

While you're outside enjoying life, bring out a radio or CD player. Put on your favorite tunes and really enjoy them. If you're in a dancing mood, get up and dance! Whether you're jumping around to the beat or swaying to the gentle melodies, dancing is an amazing way to celebrate just being alive. It's one of our oldest forms of self-expression, and one that we should all indulge in.

It doesn't matter what you do to celebrate life, just that you do it. By doing one or two small things each and every day, you'll find that you've brought more beauty, peace, happiness and celebration to your world and that's something that's worth getting excited about. So, kick back, kick up your heels, or cozy up in front of a fire and enjoy living.

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